Membership Help

Membership Help

Before accessing Your Account, please make sure that you have first Registered and that you are logged in.

Click on the Buttons here to Register and/or Login. 

How Do I Know Whether I am Logged In?

Look at the last tab on the main site navigation above.  If this says Members Area you are not logged in.  If it says Dashboard, then you are logged in. 

On some mobile phones this tab may not show so check via the Register / Login Help tab where, at the top of the page, you will find Useful Buttons. Click on the My Account button; if you are logged in it will take you to your Dashboard; if you are not logged in it will ask you to login.

What You will find on your Dashboard

The Dashboard is the “Home” area in your account.  It includes the latest news from Deal Locators that is relevant to members & subscribers.

On the left you will see your Account Options.  Use these to manage your account. It is best to return to your Dashboard when you wish to navigate between your different Account Options.  If you are not in your account area you can always return to the Dashboard by clicking Dashboard on the main navigation bar or My Account under the Register / Login Help tab.

How to run your account from your Dashboard

These are Your Account Options:

My Account

Enter your Basic details – name, email address, website and phone number.  Write a short article about yourself for potential customers to read; set up social media links & your profile background; display a photo of yourself or your business.

Create Listing

Here you enter the details of your listing including Title, Description, Media (or image) and Category. You can also purchase various enhancements here for your listing like making it a featured listing, adding html content (for a more bespoke presentation), adding a visitor counter, getting your listing displayed top of the category and adding a google map.

My Listings

Click this to view the listings that you currently have.  You will be able to view them in the format as they will be seen by visitors to the website.

My Messages

Here you can send and receive messages between others who are registered in this local area.

Log Out

This is where you log out of your account.

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